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Beauty bank offers Danne Montague-King as our skin care product for all skin types and conditions. Danne Montague-King is a worldwide leader in the field of skin rejuvenation. The Danne concept is simply about restoring balance and enhancing optimal skin function. By matching formulations with the body’s chemistry the skin is encouraged to respond in a positive manner. Regardless of your ethnic background, gender, age or skin condition DMK offers you an effective skin revision program. Danne revolutionary concept of Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain aims to match an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy.

In conjunction we also offer Diamond Micro-dermabrasion which when used together with our Skin care products gives fantastic results.

  • Pick Me up Facial (45mins) £35.00

  • Diamond Dermabrasion (60mins) £50.00

  • Consultation & Prescription (45mins) £30.00

  • Grade 1&2 Acne Treatment (90mins) from £80.00

  • Mild Roseacre Treatment (90mins) from £80.00

  • Anti-Ageing Treatment (90mins) from £80.00

  • Sun Damage Treatment (90mins) from £80.00

  • Skin Maintenance Treatment for Healthy Skin (90mins) from £75.00

  • Grade 3&4 Acne Treatment (90min) from £80.00

  • Scar Treatment (60mins) from £80.00

  • Hyper Pigmentation Treatment (90mins) from £80.00


Hair Removal


Here at beauty bank we use Australian Body care warm strip wax with Tea Tree extract to promote skin healing, making the wax here at beauty bank suitable for all skin types.

  • Eyebrow - £10.00

  • Lip - £10.00

  • Chin - £10.00

  • Lip & Chin - £15.00

  • Eyebrow, Lip & Chin - £22.00

  • Underarms - £11.00

  • Forearm (to elbow) - £15.00

  • Full Arm - £18.00

  • Standard Bikini - £12.00

  • Extended Bikini - £15.00

  • Brazilian - £24.00

  • Hollywood - £30.00

  • Playboy - £40.00

  • Half Leg (including knee) - £18.00

  • Three Quarter Leg - £20.00

  • Full Leg - £25.00

  • Full Leg & bikini - £33.00

  • Chest (men’s) - £21.00

  • Back (men’s) - £21.00

  • Back & Chest (men’s) - £36.00

Eye Treatments

Eyelash extensions are the perfect way to give your eyes that extra special look, using top leading band Lash Perfect they will add definition, volume, length and transform your eyes for the glamorous look. We also offer more eye treatments from lash tints to perms.* Please be aware that a 24hour patch test is required before any tint or perm treatments.

  • *Eyebrow Tint - £10.00

  • *Eyebrow Wax & Tint - £15.00

  • *Eyelash Tint - £15.00

  • *Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint - £20.00

  • *Eyelash Lift & Tint - £30.00

  • *Eyelash Perm - £32.00

  • *Eyelash Perm & Tint - £40.00


Eyelash extensions


Lash Perfect semi permanent eyelashes enhance your natural lashes by adhering a synthetic individual eyelash to each natural eyelash using the finest medical grade. Light, comfortable, natural and available in various curls, lengths and thicknesses, Lash Perfect eyelashes are made of the highest quality materials.


Semi-permanent Eyelashes

Standard lashes

  • Full Set - £60.00

  • Half Set - £40.00

  • Infills - £25.00

  • Removal - £10.00


The Russian Layering Technique (also known as Russian Lashes and 3D-6D lashes) originated in Russia and has recently made a breakthrough in the US and Europe. This multi-lash technique involves adhering synthetic, ultra-fine lashes onto a single natural lash. The main benefit of Russian Layering is that it gives clients a full, high impact glamorous look with maximum natural looking volume.


Russian Layering Lashes

  • Full set - £80.00

  • Half Set - £50.00

  • Infills - £40.00

  • Removal - £10.00



*Please note if you have left it longer than 4 weeks for your maintenance appointment, or have less than half of your lashes remaining than a full set is required.


Using our medical knowledge all our massages work deeply on the mind and body. With different Techniques and Precious Essential Oils combine give your complete relaxation with benefits for the skin as well as the mind & soul.


We are proud to offer “The New Hot Stones” here at beauty bank. Lava Shells are the world’s first self-heating massage tool and have been named “the new hot stones” by Vogue Magazine. A patented, natural, biodegradable heat technology is incorporated into the Lava Shell which then emits heat for over an hour, allowing therapists to provide a continuous and seamless body massage. Due to the Lava Shells® unique shape and angles they become an extension of the therapist’s hands, deploying deeply therapeutic relief to where it is needed.

  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (30mins) - £32.00

  • Full Body Massage (60mins) - £44.00

  • Lava Shell Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30mins) - £38.00

  • Lava Shell Full Body (75mins) - £56.00

  • Indian Head Massage (45mins) - £38.00

  • Hopi Ear Candles - £35.00

Hand & Foot Care

Here at beauty bank we off a wide range of services for your hands and feet, from a mini manicures and pedicures to a full set of nail enhancements. Using the most modern, natural and up to date techniques our nail techs will deliver a beautiful result. We also offer Jessica Geleration, Gellux and IBD GEL polish for manicures and pedicures which is completely healthy for the natural nail, Gel polish formulas delivers a long lasting, flawless finish that’s dry even before leaving the salon. We have a wide range of colors for you to choose from. 

With Standard Nail Polish

  • File & Polish (20mins) - £15.00

  • Jessica Express Manicure (30mins) - £20.00

  • Jessica Mini Pedicure (45mins) - £25.00

  • Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure (60mins) - £30.00

  • Jessica Deluxe Spa Pedicure (75mins) - £40.00

With Gel Nail Polish

  • Gel Manicure (60mins) - £30.00

  • Gel Pedicure with no foot work (60mins) - £30.00

  • Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure (75mins) - £35.00

  • Gel Removal - £5.00

  • Gel Removal & Nail Tidy - £15.00

Nail Extensions  

  • Full Set with standard Polish - £35.00

  • Full Set with Gel Overlay - £45.00

  • Infills with Standard Polish - £25.00

  • Infills with Gel Overlay - £35.00

  • Soak Off and New Set With Polish - £40.00

  • Soak Off and New Set With Gel Overlay - £45.00

  • Soak Off and Nail tidy - £20.00

*Please note if you have left it longer than 3 weeks for your maintenance appointment, or have less than half of your nails remaining than a full set is required.

Alkaline Wash Treatment

The DMK alkaline wash system is a remarkable treatment designed to reduce fine, downy facial hair. This type of hair is very difficult to remove as the hair growth is usually dense and would take a long time to treat with other hair removal systems such as electrolysis.

The advantage of Alkaline is that you can remove large areas of hair in just one treatment with no discomfort.* Please be aware that a 24hour patch test is required before any alkaline treatment.

  • *Top Lip - £25.00

  • *Top Lip & Chin - £35.00

  • *All Over - £45.00



Electrolysis is a method of removing individual hairs from the face or body. Today's medical electrolysis devices destroy the growth center of the hair with chemical or heat energy. After a very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle, the hair is removed with tweezers.


Here at beauty bank as well as hair removal we also use electrolysis for our Advanced Cosmetic Procedures. A wide diversity of skin blemishes can be quickly and easily treated with immediate and effective results offering an eventual blemish free smooth skin.

Skin blemishes that can be treated: Thread Veins, Blood Spots, Spider Naevus, Skin Tags, Milia, Warts, Moles, Seborrhoeic Keratosis and Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra.


Hair removal

  • 10mis - £12.00

  • 15mins - £18.00

  • 20mins - £22.00

  • 30mins - £32.00

  • Advanced Cosmetic Procedures £60.00 per 15 mins

Botox & Dermal Fillers

Here at Beauty bank we are happy to have our very own Nurse Victoria Hume who specializes in facial aesthetics, offering treatments such as Botox & Dermal fillers.She previously currently works for the NHS trust for Maidstone and Tunbridge and has been in the field for over 15years and 8years in the aesthetics field.

Victoria offers a free consultation where all prices will be disgust, if you want to book in with

Victoria please get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to give you her number.

* Please note that Victoria manages her own diary and we at beauty bank do not have a copy. 


  • One Area - £170.00

  • Two Areas - £210.00

  • Three Areas - £270.00

Facial Dermal Fillers

  • Start from £225

  • Lip Dermal Fillers

  • Start from £155

Semi-Permanent Make up

We are proud to be offering semi-permanent make up here at beauty bank. We have been training with one of the top leading companies - Finishing Touches Group. They are a well known, trusted and professional brand in the industry who offers over 20 years of experience and expertise.

A full consultation will be given with time to go away and think about the treatment before going ahead. Within consultation, a patch test is required 24hours before any procedure and a deposit of £50.00 will be taken at time of booking.

  • Eyebrows - £210.00 (£105 per treatment 2 needed 4-6weeks apart)

  • Colour Rebalancing Treatment - £90.00

  • Lip Liner - £160.00 (£80 per treatment 2 needed 4-6weeks apart)

  • Lip Liner & Blush - £210.00 (£105 per treatment 2 needed 4-6weeks apart)

  • Full Lip Colour - £250.00 (£125 per treatment 2 needed 4-6weeks apart)

  • Top Or Bottom Eyeliner - £150.00 (£75 per treatment 2 needed 4-6weeks apart)

  • Top and Bottom Eyeliner - £200.00 (£100 per treatment 2 needed 4-6weeks apart)

  • Colour Boosts

  • 6 months - £90.00

  • 12 months - £150.00

Skin Needling Treatment

We are pleased to now be offering the new & effective MESO Vytal Digital skin needling treatment. Unlike most other needling treatments it is a mechanised way to deliver active ingredients into the skin with minimal trauma & down time.

One of the main thoughts behind the development of the new MESO Vytal concept is how to solve the problem of conventional methods that do not implement bigger particles deep enough into dermal layer. MESO Vytal cell boost substances penetrate very effectively right to the intersection between the epidermis & dermis and place the highly effective substance directly at the problem area to maximize results.


  • Please call for prices and courses available    


Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. It also eliminates that annoying peach fuzz that cakes up in makeup and can be enhanced by harsh production lighting and high-definition cameras. Dermaplaning also allows for greater penetration of skincare products and creates a flawless canvas for makeup to glide on smoothly.

  • Prices from £35.00

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